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  1. Support for N-PHYs rev 3+ in b43

    There are two major code paths needed to support 802.11n Broadcom devices. First is for N-PHY revisions 1 and 2, second for 3 and higher.

    As the first step we implemented support for PHYs 1 and 2. However I've just published patches enabling support for revision 3 and higher. Hopefully it will be just in time for 2.6.38 :)

    Such a little Christmas gift from me ;)

    [PATCH] b43: N-PHY: enable support for PHYs rev 3 and higher

  2. Broadcom 802.11n support in b43

    I've started hacking on b43 about a year ago when I got my [del]BCM4328[/del] BCM4321 as Christmas gift. Unfortunately after few months of programming I've lost access to notebook where I put this card and couln't develop b43 anymore. That way you didn't see any N-PHY b43 commits until... Francesco Gringoli appeared and offered me ssh access to machine with his [del]BCM4328[/del] BCM4321 :)

    Today, after a lot of fixes and improvements I finally found the last issue that stopped card from receiving! It appeared we were missing single N-PHY-specific bit in common path in b43. After fixing that I finally saw scanning results and Francesco succesfully tested associating to open network!

    Please note, all this work was only possible thanks to Larry Finger who created great specifications as result of his reverse engineering efforts!


  3. radeon KMS HDMI for r7xx coming soon

    I've just played some music over HDMI using radeon KMS and RV730 card! My local patch rewrites the way we choose HDMI block for encoder, drops current [em]hacks[/em] and make it work on more hardware. Plus of course it adds some single bits for DCE 3.2 GPUs. It needs some cleaning, splitting maybe and fixing resume. I hope to post it in day or two, hopefully in time for getting it into 2.6.34 :)

  4. openChrome 0.2.904 released!

    Over a year ago openChrome 0.2.903 has been released. Since then development happened in svn only, without any releases. Up to today :)

    So we have 0.2.904 with some bug fixes, many new chips support and hardware cursor and RandR improvements. It was nice to see new person - Bartosz Kosiorek - involved in this project. He tracked and killed many bugs recently.


    Unfortunately no one seem to have enought time to accomplish [em]new[/em] openchrome DRM and Mesa drivers. Porting patches that gone to openChrome's ttm branch is already hard job and there are still issues that have to be fixed.

  5. kio_sysinfo gets some love

    First of all I never really liked sysinfo:/ interface for devices. Some positions had bars and some didn't, so it was hard for me to figure out which bar belongs to which position. However I have to admit this tool provided great maintenance of disks. It was nice list of devices (presenting capacity, used space, etc.) with possibility of browsing them and unmounting.

    That was up to day when KDE 4.0 came. kio_sysinfo switched to Solid, it stopped [em]talking[/em] with kdelibs and generally was... just broken. I didn't notice that up to now as I was sticking with KDE 3.5, but when I installed openSUSE 11.2 I've decided I have to fix that. And so I did :)


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