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id Testcase Description Version
382967 filereader.slice Opera ignores readAsArrayBuffer argument when re-using FileReader. 12.14
361870 Opera ignores height of cells (styles). 9.52
345952 When there is only one word in the last line of block, positioned element is too high. 9.50
342760 Opera doesn't load background when changing style. 9.50
318467 transition.corruption Transition corruption when using vertical-align 10.63
308365 before.and.first-line Opera ignores :before when using :first-line 10.60
299284 broken.overflow.hidden Hidden overflowing text affects parent height 10.53
294018 opera.specific.relative Absolute in relative is sometimes broken 10.50
261201 overflow.and.absolute Displaying unnecessary scrollbars for div with absolutely positioned content.x 9.10
248987 forms_inside_TRs Forms nested inside TR tags are breaking table layout (forum). 9.00 [8473]
230306 Problems with hover in positioned elements. 9.02
227451 Big widgets.dat file causes serious browsing delay. [F] 9.xx
214019 image_align_css Linked images positioned wrong when top aligned. 8.xx
213364 Event issue in widgets. [F] 9.00.8460
id Testcase Description Version
361191 new.window.content Putting content in new window doesn't work. 9.60β1
299098 No bg for border-radius and no border-width. 10.60
296529 not.used.first-line Not used first-line break inline-block 10.60
293567 bounding-rectangle-auto.html getBoundingClientRect() and getClientRects() returning incorrect values 9.50.9721
292942 crash Crash on page with some CSS and lack of ul tag.z 9.50β++
292805 li.first-line Wrong li width when using li:first-line 10.60
280021 textContent_Broken textContent broken. forum 9.50α
256359 Height_100 TextArea height problem. forum 9.50.9594
254786 Function getElementById returns element with name equals to parametr, not id. 9.50α
253644 Missing_Background2 Another case of redraw issue affecting background images. 9.50
253454 Double_Referer Opera sending two referer headers 9.50α
251811 Meebo_Slowness High CPU usage on link element replace 9.50.9755
247103 fill.url.svg Opera doesn't load external files in url(...) for SVG files. 10.50
246913 flash_with_mousedown Onmousedown with flash. Forum not sure
246908 flash_player netStream.connect sending referrer header. Forum no! don't care
241732 absolute.and.parent.width Calculating wrong width for absolutely positioned elements. 10.60
238683 js.xml.stylesheets Lack of full support for document.styleSheets. 9.50α
237103 Treating <?xml as HTML element. 9.50α
236187 scrolling.textarea Scrolling content of floated textarea by mousewheel or scrollbar is impossible. 9.50α
235334 table.collapse.padding Wrong handling of padding in collapsed table. 9.50α
233492 flv No loading progress bar in YouTube videos. Forum 9.10 [8692/536]
233206 input.event Adding event listener to input element changes it's size. 9.50α
231385 image.jumping Image moves up when hovering a link. 9.10 [478]
228967 Option "Copy e-mail address" doesn't change entitles to signs. 9.50α
228961 No scrolling page to place with result of searching. 9.50β++
228674 input.file Opera ignores background-color for file inputs. 9.50α
225449 Opera for Unix and Mac treats config.xml file (widgets) as text/plain.
224886 regexp_syntax Valid RegExp that causes syntax error. 9.50α (win)
224712 favicon.htm Messing up bookmark favicons. [F] 9.10
223340 margin.01 Opera ignores some margins (float problem) 9.50α
221890 avisitedstylingperf.htm Severe JS performance penalty related to visited links (another testcase). [F,F] 9.02
221876 gmail_jumping Percentage values in tables causes content to flow. [F] 9.50α
220747 multiplying_select Dynamically created select items multiplying bug. [F] 9.50α
218409 Unclickable floated links. [F] 9.50α
217265 applet_zerowidth Java Applet not loaded when width and height set to 0 9.01.8533
215755 Flickering_Favicon Flickering favicon and wrong pointer on image rollover. [F] 9.50α
214540 onscroll_div Onscroll event not fired while scrolling div's with mousewheel. [F] 9.20.8713
213361 opera_cookie_bug Two Opera 9 cookie handling bugs (bug #213361 and #213362). forum 9.01
213183 js.stylesheets Broken handling of stylesheets from <?xml 9.00 [339]
212490 select.with.hover Opera disallow to select text in element with :hover:after. 9.50α
212310 hover.content.url Opera ignores content: url(); in :hover pseudo-class. 9.00 [387]
209133 protected_embed Java blocking access to EMBED properties/attributes (forum). 9.00 [8432]
209069 broken_select Problem with drag&select in select elements (forum). 9.50.9841
208616 flash_xss Unclosable flash popups because of XSS security (forum). 9.00 [8518]
206655 input_resizing Inputs size gets changed on setAttribute call (forum) 9.00 [8460]
205170 mousewheel Mousewheel event bug. [F] 9.02
204543 annoying-alert "Stop executing scripts on this page" option blocks only scripts from actual <script> tag. 9.00 [256]
203085 height_crash Page that contains elements with 100% height crashes Opera (forum). 9.00 [272]
202689 text-transform Setting text-transform for first line makes text illegible. 9.00 [225]
202534 border_crash Opera sending two referer headers 9.00 [333]
201788 link_cursor O doesn't display pointer over link. 9.50α
201786 o_missing_rows missing start <tr> tags makes O to create no rows (forum) 9.00 [8406]
201477 table_after Opera displays :after pseudo-element of block containing table in wrong place. 9.00 [300]
201090 crash_reparse "Reparse document as HTML" crashes O. 9.00 [161]
197078 default_enc.png default encoding does not apply to mails/newsgroups (forum) 9.00 [8348]
186672 o_redraw O has problems refreshing table rows on class change with js (forum) 9.00 [8333]
174514 bg_svg O doesn't display SVG images as background.
0 Unneeded_Scrollbars Unneeded scrollbars 9.50α
0 Wrong_Positioning Wrong positioning 9.50α