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kio_sysinfo gets some love

First of all I never really liked sysinfo:/ interface for devices. Some positions had bars and some didn't, so it was hard for me to figure out which bar belongs to which position. However I have to admit this tool provided great maintenance of disks. It was nice list of devices (presenting capacity, used space, etc.) with possibility of browsing them and unmounting.

That was up to day when KDE 4.0 came. kio_sysinfo switched to Solid, it stopped [em]talking[/em] with kdelibs and generally was... just broken. I didn't notice that up to now as I was sticking with KDE 3.5, but when I installed openSUSE 11.2 I've decided I have to fix that. And so I did :)

kio_sysinfo before:

kio_sysinfo after:

Fixed issues:
1) Some disks don't have labels ─ not [em]clickable[/em]
2) Battery info displayed even for no-battery machines
3) Clicking unmounted device's label doesn't mount it
4) Broken table for devices filled in about 99% and more
5) Data from Solid are outdated ─ caching issue
6) Page does not auto-reload after (un)mounting

Interface changes you can see on screenshots. Generally I've made icons bigger, added border for bar and introduced unmounting button.

Now I'm just afraid I'm lacking ideas for future improvements for kio_sysinfo. So if you have any, please share ─ will be glad to hear some :)