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HDMI audio on Evergreen (RE)

HDMI audio on Evergreen (RE)

Last thursday I've received my Asus 1215B which is based on AMD-E450 CPU. It comes with integrated Radeon HD6320 which is a Palm chip (Evergreen family and 1002:9806 in my case). Late friday I've installed openSUSE and on saturnday I've started hacking on HDMI audio.

I installed fglrx, hacked radeontool utility to read all registers and started looking at the dumps. There comes the great news... It took me about 24 hours (and dozens of lokcups) to add hackish support for HDMI audio in my model :)

I'll release RFC patches in a moment, but I've also a request. To make this work on all Evergreen cards I need debuggers/testers with:
1) Evergreen GPU
2) Audio capable TV/monitor
3) Knowledge to checkout, modify and compile radeontool
4) Courage to install fglrx

How to help?

Let's start with the installation of radeontool (it contains avivotool we will use).

git clone git://people.freedesktop.org/~airlied/radeontool
cd radeontool
wget http://files.zajec.net/0001-avivotool-dump-0000-e000-as-all-on-Evergreen.patch
git am 0001-avivotool-dump-0000-e000-as-all-on-Evergreen.patch
./autogen.sh && make && sudo make install

After that you've to install fglrx, connect audio capable TV/monitor and play some music over HDMI. While playing music (make sure it works, that you hear it), execute the following:
avivotool regs all > fglrx.txt

That's it. Please provide me via e-mail following info:
1) lspci -nn | grep VGA
2) dmesg | grep drm
3) fglrx.txt

I created thread on Phoronix forum.

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